EndoSisters East Africa Foundation

Caring for our Sisters

Endo sisters East Africa is a group that has been formed with the vision of keeping hope alive for endometriosis (endo) warriors. Endometriosis is a women’s condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found elsewhere in the body – mainly in the abdominal cavity thus causing chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, heavy bleeding and infertility. The mission of Endo sisters East Africa is to share information, collaborate, educate and encourage women suffering from Endometriosis and related ailments. The tag line of Endo Sisters East Africa is ‘start the conversation’. It is supported by a #YellowNailsMovement campaign that aims to create a visual identifier for endometriosis in East Africa through yellow nails and yellow ribbons. Our overall intended outcome is to see an environment in Kenya where endometriosis is included in the reproductive health agenda. This should be evidenced at the very minimum by the availability of gynecologists’ (qualified to undertake laparoscopic surgery) in each of the 47 counties level 5 hospitals. The output is expected to be increased access (number of women) and lowered costs (consultation, medication, and laparoscopy) in respect to endometriosis treatment and management in Kenya. Endo sisters EA was established in 2014 with a view to scaling up programming on endometriosis, given the lack of awareness and the effective diagnosis and treatment of this ailment. 2019 marks five years of successful programming. In terms of our regional East Africa focus, we are currently engaged in talks and exploring various collaboration opportunities with organizations in the East African region to help advance the agenda on endometriosis awareness.

The strategic areas/objectives for EndoSisters EA Programme are:

  • Aim to shorten the diagnosis period of endometriosis in girls and young women (adolescents). 

Goal: Ensure we conduct a minimum of 10 endometriosis awareness outreach trainings targeting adolescents on endometriosis per year. 

  • Promote sharing of pertinent information about endometriosis awareness for work places, church groups, women’s chamas/groups, etc. Please contact as on info@endosisterseastafrica.org for more information.

Goal: Ensure we conduct a minimum of 3 endometriosis wellness program trainings per year. 

  •  Promote a culture of early visitation to a gynecologist for adolescent girls who are already experiencing a lot of pain with their periods. 

Goal: An increase of 10% annually in visitation by teens to gynecologists to seek out more information and diagnosis.

  • Collaborate with other stakeholders such as gynecologists, researchers, drug manufacturing companies, common interest organizations and government towards improving the landscape on endometriosis awareness, diagnosis, treatment and management. 

Goal: Engage in at least 3 collaborative initiatives per year with any of the stake holders mentioned above to ensure we ‘continue the conversation.

Specifically, our program aims at: educating adolescence girls about endometriosis; discussing pertinent information about the symptoms to look out for; empowering girls with useful tips to help them take control of their individual health management as well as sharing contacts of gynecologists with expert knowledge on the disease. In addition, the Endosisters program does offer online support services for both girls and women with endometriosis and related conditionsAdenomyosis & Infertility). In general, our core focus is endometriosis awareness creation and collaboration. 

We have an open facebook page where we regularly publish information on endometriosis for the public (web.facebook.com/endosisterseastafrica/) and website www.endosisterseastafrica.org ) as well as both a twitter and Instagram account (@endosistersea). 


Our philosophy is based on our Christian belief which is to keep hope alive! We encourage endometriosis warriors to keep their faith and hope in God. We believe that we are our sisters’ keeper and that we have a responsibility towards ensuring that the next generation of women are well informed, emotionally prepared and spiritually equipped to manage the effects of endometriosis. The Bible tells us that the woman with the issue of blood was miraculously healed by Jesus (Mark 5: 25-34).  In this, we know that there is hope in Jesus Christ even when the pain, agony and horror that is called endometriosis threatens to rob a woman of her joy and happiness.


Legal Status of Endosisters East Africa

Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation obtained it’s registration in 2019. It is governed by a Board of five Trustees/members.