Outreach Trainings

  1. Adolescent Training

Aim to shorten the diagnosis period of endometriosis in girls and young women (adolescents).

Goal: Ensure we conduct a minimum of 10 endometriosis awareness outreach trainings targeting adolescents on endometriosis per year.  

2. Endometriosis Wellness Program Training

Wellness Program Training

This is training geared at sharing pertinent information about endometriosis awareness for work places, church groups, women’s chamas/groups, etc. Please contact as on for more information.

Goal: Ensure we conduct a minimum of 3 endometriosis wellness program trainings per year. 

3. Research on Gynecological Visits Program

Promote a culture of early visitation to a gynecologist for adolescent girls who are already experiencing a lot of pain with their periods.

Goal: An increase of 10% annually in visitation by teens to gynecologists to seek out more information and diagnosis.

4. Women and Girls Support Program (WG Support Program)

Provide emotional support for women living with endometriosis in terms of providing a safe space and hosting discussion forums.

Goal: Encourage sharing learning experiences by women to other women on what works, what doesn’t and how to deal with uncommon issues. Evidenced by 80% of member participation in group online interactions per year, quarterly meetings and holding of 2 discussion forums per year.

5. Collaboration and Advocacy

Collaborate with other stakeholders such as gynecologists, researchers, drug manufacturing companies, common interest organizations and government towards improving the landscape on endometriosis awareness, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Goal: Engage in at least 3 collaborative or advocacy initiatives per year to ensure we ‘continue the conversation’.