Find out about the #YellowNailsMovement here

In March 2019, EndoSisters East Africa Foundation, launched the yellow nails movement and used selected hair salons and nail bars to disseminate information and to ‘start the conversation’ on endometriosis in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Thika within Kenya. We intend to role this social activation campaign out to all the 47 counties within Kenya in the short term, and to the greater East African region in the long term. 

The Yellow Nails Movement is a campaign aimed at sensitization and driving participation for endometriosis awareness creation. The movement aims to create a visual identifier for endometriosis through yellow nails and the traditionally known yellow ribbons given that yellow is the global endo colour.  The call to action is ‘paint nails yellow’ and upload the said yellow nails photos on social media using #YellowNailsMovement. The target audience of this campaign are women and adolescents (teens included) of child bearing age who can either be accessed through salons, nail bars or through social media.

Our tagline, “Start the Conversation” is about engaging in a broader conversation initiated by the social activation Yellow Nails Movement campaign. It focuses on information dissemination to get people to ask questions about endometriosis and to seek answers from medical staff.

We envision a landscape in the near future where March will be a month that will be characterised by yellow nail painting/application and numerous associated conversations around endometriosis. In addition to the yellow ribbon (globally recognised identifier), the benefit of the yellow nails as an identifier is that it ‘starts the conversation” and gets people engaged on the issue of endometriosis. It is our hope and prayer that the #YellowNailsMovement:

a. Will get women and particularly adolescent girls to seek out more information and early diagnosis.

b. Will cause Endometriosis to be recognised and included in the national reproductive agenda, and with the support from government in both Kenya and neighbouring East African countries

c. Will help create a framework where accessibility to treatment in terms of subsidized costs and locations will be enhanced.

d. Will help in the management of endometriosis particularly in terms of slowing endometriosis progression and infertility diagnosis.

e. Will extend as a recognised endometriosis awareness identifier throughout Africa and globally.

In conclusion, we at Endosisters East Africa Foundation envision a future, where yellow nails will psychologically be associated with endometriosis awareness globally.